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Punjab Nahi Jaungi – A Captivating Blockbuster of the Year

To make a film grand and successful, a hardworking team is required that is knowledgeable enough to handle every moment of filmaking carefully and precisely. Being a movie lover, I always have the urge to watch a movie that appeals me and has the zing to prove its story. “Punjab Nahi Jaungi” is one of […]

Vancouver Fashion Week F/W18

Vancouver Fashion Week kicked off the week in style with a sensational selection of designers as part of the designers preview showcase. 14 brands exhibited one key look from their Fall/Winter 2018 collections as a tease of the incredible talent that we are to see throughout the week. Interesting textures created with hanging threads, wire […]

Ruhani Sharma – International Supermodel & Celebrity

Tell us about yourself? A: I am an Indian origin, based in Hong Kong for last 10 years. By qualification I am a fashion and textile designer and by profession an international fashion model. A beauty pageant winner who walks for celebrity designers at the top international fashion weeks like New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, […]


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MEDIA MOGUL YOUSAF BAIG MIRZA SET TO LAUNCH NEW BROADCAST NEWS CHANNEL FOR THE PUBLIC Since the dawn of the new century, Media Mogul Mr. Yousaf Baig Mirza has sparked the transformation of Pakistani Media. His unprecedented success of launching and stabilising new channels in a fierce market, have triggered the confidence in Mr Baig […]

Talented Yoga Instructor – Kehkashan Nadeem

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Kehkashan Nadeem is the pioneer of Aerial yoga in Pakistan; she did her teacher training from Ulu Yoga Thailand. Pakistan In vogue got privileged to get her exclusive interview for the magazine. Tell us something about yourself ? I am Kehkashan Nadeem; I have been sharing my knowledge and effectively changing lives for the past […]

Devu Diana Walkiewicz

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Five Best Healthy Food to Consume Daily

We should always focus on eating nutritious and pure food in order to make our life healthy. The best way to eat well is to have a balance diet which has proteins, right amount of carbohydrates and fats. Our body demands a complete portion of each of the basic foods. For example meat, beans have […]

Miracles of Drinking Water in Our Daily Life

Every second our modern world has been updated with some unique health and fitness trends. People usually lose track of their daily health routine and simply forget the essentials required for optimal health. Adding a no carb diet, soups, smoothies, fresh juices, gluten-free products, and proteins can be one of the overwhelming experiences for perfect […]

7 Most Expensive Celebrity Outfits of All Times

For centuries, celebrities and fashion have gone side by side. Many celebrities have been known for their wonderful fashion sense and how lavishly they have spent their money on it. Some celebrities have never cared about how expensive their shopping bills are, and all they cared about is how gorgeous their coming look is. For […]