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Hum Bridal Couture Week is one most awaited and looked for event of the year. Hum TV has been always promoting emerging talent and fashion forward in Pakistan. This year it was the 15th edition of Pantene Bridal Couture Week held on 8th, 9th, 10th December Lahore Flaties Hotel. The bridal couture is styled by […]

Moscow Celebrates 70th Anniversary of Pakistan

9th October 2017, Moscow: The bond of friendship between Pakistan and Russia strengthens as Pakistan’s 70th Independence anniversary celebrations were held at the Ritz Carlton in Russia’s capital city Moscow. It was for the first time in Russian-Pakistani history that a fashion and cultural event of such measure was held. The event was hosted by […]

Nur-e-Alaleh, Shehla Chatoor unveils regal bridal showcase

Shehla Chatoor’s fashion soiree wove a grand tapestry of colour and exuberant design as she unveiled her latest regal bridal showcase titled ‘Nur-e-Alaleh on Sunday, March 18th in an all exclusive event at a beautiful old colonial bungalow in Karachi. Known to stun the audience with her divine pieces, Shehla’s first ever solo couture show […]

FPW Cheena Chhapra’s-Reality Ramp

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  Fashion Pakistan Week 2018 experienced something novel and unique this time. It saw the real Pakistani women walk the ramp for Cheena Chhapra’s quintessential collection. What was considered to be the sacred path of slender and svelte models saw women of varied ages, from salt and pepper to highlighted hair, from buxom belles to […]

Director of Kaviva Jewels – London

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Tell us something about your background? I was raised in East London where I completed my education. I come from a traditional Indian family consisting of my Mother, Father, elder Brother and Grand Parents with whom I’m still very close. When did you start designing jewellery? Although I went on to qualify in health and social care I always knew that my calling was in fashion and beauty.  As time […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Wearing Yoga Pants

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Are you a person who often forgets where you last kept your car keys? Do you feel difficulty in remembering your old school pals with whom you had some amazing time? Have you forgotten to pick up your items from the grocery store or forgot to attend your scheduled meeting? These are symptoms of weak […]

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Hilde Johansen

Hilde Marie Johansen is a professional makeup artist, costume designer, co-founder and creative director of SMA Bangkok. Pakistan in vogue magazine got a chance to get her exclusive interview. It was very nice to meet her. How long have you been working as a makeup artist? I have been working as a makeup artist for […]

Arth 2

Arth 2, the latest offering by Shaan Shahid’s film, is ready to hit the cinemas on December 21, 2017 worldwide. The first official trailer of the much-anticipated film has been released. The upcoming movie is written and directed by Shaan Shahid, an acclaimed actor and director of the country. The cast, comprising Shaan, Humaima Malick, […]

7 Most Expensive Celebrity Outfits of All Times

For centuries, celebrities and fashion have gone side by side. Many celebrities have been known for their wonderful fashion sense and how lavishly they have spent their money on it. Some celebrities have never cared about how expensive their shopping bills are, and all they cared about is how gorgeous their coming look is. For […]