10 Best Food Delivery Portals of Pakistan

There is a rise in food ordering apps around the world and that has happened due to continuously busy lives of people and hence they can’t find time to specially get up and make time and arrange transport just to get some food. Seeing this huge untapped market enterprises like foodpanda, Grubhubetc quickly swooped in and claimed it. Now there are a number of Food delivery portals active around the world. Here are the top 10 food ordering apps in the world in 2018.

10. Postmates:

The app has quickly captured the market with its fast and timely delivery and ensuring a great customer experience which has rapidly increased its customer base. The App allows the users to track their order and has an exciting free delivery offer for users who opt for a small amount of monthly installments. Its simplicity has made it very popular among the masses.

9. GrubHub:

Offering service in more than 1100 cities GrubHub has quickly become one of the most popular apps in the business. Two awesome features that make the app a little unique is its reorder facility and its pre order facility. Reorder facility ensures that you can reorder from any last order you gave without searching anything and pre order is a service that offers pre ordering your meal up to 4 days earlier than the actual day you want to eat the meal.

8. UBER eats

An app well known to many for its transportation services has ventured into food delivery business to broaden its horizons. This soon gained popularity due to firstly being already a part of people’s lives and secondly due to being available in a lot of cities. Delivery time is ridiculously low and so are the prices, these facts have made app very popular among the users.

7. Caviar

The Caviar app is quite successful with the masses of different cities. With a delivery time of just 15 seconds at peak hours Caviar app has massive popularity due its agility. Meals that are receives orders almost every minute of the day making it a hit with the users.

6. Deliveroo

With an international reach Delivroo offers the food ordering with help of searching your favorite dishes.Due to its quick delivery and a world class serviced this app has quickly gained a massive customer base. The usage of the app is increasing day by day due to higher number of customers and choice of high level restaurants. This makes the Deliveroo app famous among the people and most downloaded food delivery app.

5. Eat 24

Eat 24 operates in various cities and offers complete detailed reviews about the restaurants for its customers to help them make an informed decision about the type and quality of food they want to eat. They also offer many ways of payment that it’s really up to the customer to choose according to his/her convenience

4. Seamless

Seamless works in various cities of USA. As the name suggests its use is very smooth and easy. It offers search of restaurants by the dish that you want to have. Offers best delivery services in town Seamless has quickly gained massive popularity and can easily be classified as the best Food delivery portal to have.

3. Food panda:

Currently operating in 24 countries, Food panda has about 1000 restaurants under its belt and this has made it probably the most successful food delivery business. Where ever you live and whatever time it is if you’re hungry food panda is right there. With a world class delivery service and having almost all the best restaurants in town Food panda is a foodie’s dream service.

2. Zomato

Zomato is a relatively new entrant in the business with a starting base of 23 different countries. The app offers 2 amazing services, first obviously is delivering food at a rapid pace and second is finding best restaurants nearby with complete reviews. There is a 24 hour chat support for customers having any issue with their delivery and also provides a tracking system for customers to track their orders. This makes the app so popular among people.

1. Eat Mubarak

Eat Mubarak offers food delivery in some major cities and is quickly gaining popularity due to its rapid delivery and ease of use. It offers many modes of payment and also ensures speedy delivery of food that’s meant to be eaten right of the stove.

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