5 Amazing Home Remedies to Boost your Memory

Are you a person who often forgets where you last kept your car keys? Do you feel difficulty in remembering your old school pals with whom you had some amazing time? Have you forgotten to pick up your items from the grocery store or forgot to attend your scheduled meeting? These are symptoms of weak memory that can lead to intense frustration in your daily life.

Weak memory has now become one of the most common problems that usually increases with age. Many other factors can surely affect your memory such as depression, stress, sleep deprivation, Vitamin B deficiency, and lack of nutrients, excess alcohol, overactive or underactive thyroid, certain medications, and smoking.

To overcome general memory problems, many effective home remedies can be followed to boost your weak memory. Let’s have a quick look into some of the very effective home remedies to improve your memory:

  1. Almonds:

Almonds are one of the excellent Ayurvedic solutions to improve memory. They are extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that bring brain power. All you need to do is soak 8-10 almonds in warm water overnight. Peel the skin next morning and grind to make a paste. Add one teaspoon of this almond paste in a glass of hot milk. Add some honey or sugar to boost the taste. Drink it daily for about 40 days for optimum results.

  1. Black Seeds (Nigella Sativa):

Black seeds that are also known as Kalonji have great potential to boost your weak memory. It is their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuron-protecting properties that revitalize the brain cells to give an optimum brain power. Mix one teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of ground black seeds. Eat this mixture twice a day for about four weeks to see improved results.

  1. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil can be one heck of a memory saver. It fuels up your brain cells thus improves its cognitive functionality. It also boosts your energy, improves your hair and skin and also reduces cholesterol. Eat about one teaspoon of cold pressed, virgin and organic coconut oil twice a day on a regular basis. It can also be added to your daily salads, smoothies, and baked dishes.

Coconut milk and coconut oil on wooden table

  1. Honey and Cinnamon:

A combination of honey and cinnamon has always been a life saver from centuries. It is best to relieve any nervous tension and miraculously boosts memory. Even smelling raw cinnamon can bring a soothing effect to your brain. Take a pinch of cinnamon and mix it with a teaspoon of honey. Take this mixture before hitting the bed at least for more than two months to see good results.

  1. Asian Ginseng:

Asian ginseng is one of the old traditional herbs that are immensely used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines to enhance memory. It can also be used along with ginkgo biloba for more effective memory boosting results. Ginseng must not be taken for a longer duration but can be taken in different cycles. Usually, ginseng is taken in the form of tea where a pinched quantity is used for effective results.

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