Aneesa Kiani

Aneesa Kiani is one of the top designers of London. She had also participated in bridal couture week last year in Pakistan with her amazing collection named as ‘Paheli’. Her brand named as Kian-E Haute Couture which is independent design label run by her.

We have got chance to take her exclusive interview for our magazine.

Tell us something about yourself?

After Graduating I was instantly hired by an FE college as a senior Fashion Lecturer and soon my personal progression in the FE sector empowering young creative’s wassoon recognized. While teaching i curated my own Fashion Week Charity Fundraiser which is a platform for
young budding designers to showcase their talent with industry specialists and opportunities to be scouted by Fashion Scouts. Empowering young creative’s and networking with industry specialist encouraged me to follow my dreams which were to start my own independent label. In 2014 I was promoted as a Subject Area Lead for Creative Arts in the FE Sector I Felt it was the right time to develop my Brand and began with my Official Campaign.
Shooting with Pioneers Of South Asian Fashion I was very lucky to shoot with renowned Ather Shahzaad and international model Zara Peerzada.  Today I supervises the creative direction and development of all brand’s collection: Bridal, Catwalk, Semi Formal and Bespoke and
manages the development and production of LFW and other charity fashion projects

What motivates you to become a fashion designer?

I’ve always had creative flare whether it was on the back of my hand or my school books, I would often start drawing floral prints. My sister was married at the age of 18 and when things got complicated in her marital life suffering domestic abuse my father realized he made a mistake by getting her married too young. My sister is a very big part of my life as without her support and encouragement I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Even after being a single parent to two teenage boys she rebuilt herself and is now enjoying her social platform as a food blogger and is also my brand manger 

she’s become a true inspiration for all those women that need to rebuild themselves back She certainly is my biggest motivator and it’s her dream that i become the biggest Fashion Designer for South Asia so I owe this to her

Secondly my father While I was growing up my father became very supportive of me studying as he was so proud I achieved a lot in a very young age. My father is more like my best friend. When I enrolled on to the design course I had no idea where it would take me but it was a journey that changed my life around. … There are days where I feel like I can’t get any further and then I see him and he reminds me how through hard work nothing is impossible

Who is your inspiration in this field?

I have a huge appreciation for story telling and art for me there are two people especially when they work together they create magic Ali xsheeshan and Abdhullah Haris. 

For me both are like the Nick Knight and McQueen of South Asia, their talent is just absolutely beyond words to describe…. in a market where only Glitz and glam and bling sells to be able to give social messages through your creativity is commendable. For me a dream would be to be able to one day be able to inspire like they do. I use them both as references with my HE students in Lectures as I find them very radical and inspirational.

What is your favorite part of being a designer?

The Catwalk! 

Despite it being the most challenging and chaotic part of the experience despite being on a runway a few times the moment you walk down the runway those 3 mins at the end where you hear everyone clap…. is worth the sleepless nights planning preparing brainstorming creating and panicking

The last runway i walked for the very first time in collaboration with the eccentric and talented Anees Malik will be a moment i will hold very close to my heart. walking down that runway my heart skipped a beat I remembered the whole journey I took to getting to that stage from my study days to creating that collection if felt surreal words cannot describe the emotions I had on the day all I can do is thank the Almighty for bless me with the opportunity 

What trends do you currently see in the fashion industry?

I don’t follow trends but that is purely my perception…. this will sound odd but as a fashion lecturer when delivering to students about the design cycle… we explain. trends are set by fashion forecasters and pr companies who are paid by companies to promote their brands taking inspiration from celebrity inspired lifestyles or social trends set by bloggers again most are paid…..its miss-leading for consumers conversely its how the business works…. you see something marketed well… with good Pr it becomes the desirable product for that season…. as we as consumers buy in to what is being marketed at us 

What I believe is one needs to know what will suit them…. when consulting a client you need to be able to understand their style, their body shape their profession etc etc in order to make that piece bespoke…

However saying that as a designer you do have to be conscience of  the fashion scene and be wary of how you will fit in that market and the competition around you as its tough 

How do you handle stress and pressure?

Through Prayer…. when i feel stressed i turn to the almighty….. and 2 things i always keep in my mind…. if it has gone well it is through his will if it hasn’t again it’s through his will but a lesson for me to learn and reflect on the way….I never regret anything everything happens for a reason and this helps me develop as a person 

Secondly my family is such a massive support they are always there…..the love and prayer from them helps me through successes and failures 

Tell us about an accomplishment you are the most proud of?

My Biggest accomplishment would be inspiring my student’s dad for allowing her to continue her studies in further education… she now has a first class degree…..

Being able to pass knowledge to all my learners….. They say “give a man a fish feed him for a day teach him how to fish you feed him for a lifetime”

And even now so I feel proud as i have become a manager of creative arts for a FE college i used to once study at…

What are your future plans?

Future plans would be once my brand is developed and accomplished to where it is recognized nationally and internationally i would like to open a NGO in sha allah in Pakistan helping vulnerable women to become stronger and stand back on their feet. When I look at what my sister has accomplished being in a developed country and with family support she was able to do so i would like to help other women who are facing or have faced difficulties someday I would like to open a sewing school in Pakistan May the almighty give me the courage and strength to achieve my goal some day in sha allah 

Any message for your fans?

A message to all those who follow my journey and support my work:

The One thing that you have that nobody else has, is you. Your voice, your Mind, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance as ONLY You Can……


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