Belts – The Most Trending Accessory in 2017

Belts that have been trending for decades are now back in fashion again. In between, they were lost somewhere, but that was not for too long. With a recent turnover in the fashion industry, belts have made quite a comeback as they were never going anywhere. A Belt is an accessory that adds detail to your overall look. It defines what you wear and how you wear. Other than all this, it provides a great support to your dress and lets it stay in place for a longer time. Every ordinary person to top models, all are set to praise this new classic accessory along with some new twists and if you have a handful of these gorgeous beauties then never let your talent waste and invest your creative thoughts in something fashionable and trendy.

Today we have gathered a few tips that will give you a highlight of how to incorporate different belts with different looks. Let’s see what we have for you from our closet:

  • Belts with Everyday Jeans:

Many people think that belts are men’s accessory, but this is fashionably incorrect. Belts are an accessory that every woman can wear without fear that she will look odd. Belts were originally made for trousers, pants or jeans to ensure the waist of the apparel is properly secured. But later it became a trending accessory and people went crazy after gorgeously styled belts. Any jeans that you think is comfortable on you can be stylized with an addition of a belt. Try to pair it with a rather slim belt to make the look much trendier. A Belt that is brown and leathery go extremely well with different colors of jeans.

  • Belts with Floral Lose Dress:

If you are planning to wear a loose frock to the dinner date and thinking how to stylize it even more, why not adding a trendy belt to your waist to enhance your overall look. Grab a chunky or slim belt from your closet and accessorize your dress with it. Don’t keep it too low and wear it exactly on the waist. Pair it up with a matching clutch, and you are all done.


  • Belts with Loose Fitted Shirts:

You always have the option to incorporate a belt with almost anything. They are not just made for the lowers but can go well with your favorite uppers. If you are thinking to wear a loose fitted shirt next morning to your office then better add a twist by wearing a lavish belt. This look is old but surprisingly never gets old. It is repeated every year along with other fashion trends and always looks chic.


  • Belts with Skirts:

It is always trendy to add a belt to what you wear. It is all up to you how you are going to stylize your final look. If you are thinking to wear a trendy skirt tonight, then top it up with a gorgeous belt. Never let it loose, lying somewhere in your closet. Grab and start trending. Belts can be worn with any style of skirts whether long, short, straight or flowy. You need to set the trend this season with your gorgeous dressing and bold style.


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