1st ever Radio Game Show in Pakistan

Radio FM91 is one of the favorite radio stations among the youngsters and the people listen to English rock and jazz. They have been active for changing the mindset of people via the power of radio, having guest’s speakers and motivational speakers on air. Now this time it is something totally different. Let’s get to know more what they have bought to us. Yes this is Pakistan first ever radio game show that is “Khel Khel Main”. This is a prize – giveaway show with lots of activities with designer clothing, home appliances, LED TVs, Umrah Ticket and yes the most wanted motorcycles. The show starts from 10pm till midnight with RJ Emad Siddiqui and Ayaz Samoo every Friday & Saturday. This is going to be a fanciful chance for the radio junkies. The RJ’s will be live from Facebook Official account of FM91. Call at 111-111-191 or SMS 9191 to get your luck buzz.