A New Comedy Serial on Air (TV-One)

Cast: Naheed Shabbir, Madiha Iftikhar, Khalid Malik, Kashif Mahmud, Ashraf Khan, Sabahat Bukhari and Najiba Faiz The drama seria is full of comedy and thrill. It is Directed by Asghar Mirza and written by Mustafa Hashmi.  The story revolves around the two set of people; one of the family is settled in village and the other in city. How they will be connected we will see that in the play! A humble, truthful young man, Chand is in love with Chandni the sister of their rich landlord Dildar and he wishes to marry her. But Dildar wants a better man for his sister. So he organizes a match between Chandni and Shakir Pehlwan. Another pair of the drama is Faraz and Sana who live in the city and wanted to marry each other.  But Faraz is not rich like Sana’s father, and he decides that he will propose her when he will acquire a good social status in the society.  Faraz’s father is a lawyer who was mentor to his wealthy friend Shafqat. Many years after Shafqat’s death Faraz’s father remembered that Shafqat had bought a plot of land which nobody else knew about. He is searching for Shafqat’s heirs.  Who is heir Of Shafqat land?  We need to watch the play to find it out. Will Chandi tell her father about her love? What will Faraz do to raise his status?   To know all this watch Funkari every Monday to Tuesday at 9:30pm only on TV One