Khayaal Festival 2015 “Pushing the Boundaries”

Al-hamra Arts Council hosted the beautiful Khayaal Festival along with Khayaal Creative Network on 28th & 29th November 2015. This was a versatile festival intent to support conversations, performances and documentaries. It was designed to discourse about culture, politics, economy, art, dance, music, literature, empowerment, identity and sociopolitical issues.   At the second day of the Khayaal Festival, they dig into very assorted topics, Gender & Media, Literature of Dissent, Asylum & Exiles, and Hidden Voices, Pak-China Relations- Partners or Patronage. The diverse Eras of writing, Photo Journalism – the story behind the pictures, transposition: Venice se Lahore and the Eternal life of Dr. Javid Iqbal.   The Festival was further taken ahead by the marvelous dramatic reading of Letter from, “Prisoners of death row”, “Limbo” by Olomopolo Media Featuring Sarmad Khoosat, Nadia Afghan and Erfan Khoosat. One of the important elements was the documentaries, screening of “Deosai”, “Unwelcome in Tehran”, “K2”. And the “Invisible Footmen”, “Cliff walkers” of Chital Gol and the winning film of the Little Art Competition. Nonetheless, Nighat Chaudhry, performed as a South Asia’s Kathak master. The jam part was concluded to an end with Mekaal Hasan Band  enticing a live musical night.   Khayaal Festival 2015, has a very clear keynote of keeping this year into a theme “Pushing the Boundaries”. In every performances and sessions, this was echoed to fullest. The supporting team for the 2-day event was, Sapphire, Oursun, LACAS, Interwood, Ferozsons laboratories, Millat Tractors, UBL, Zaman Foundation, City FM89, Lotus PR, The One Lotus Agency, Eleventh Expereince, featured Khalis Food Market, Daachi Foundation, Britisht Council Pop Up Library, Flopshop, Reading and Robokids.