Tubsy Lands Firmly on American Music Projects

Tubsy Dholkiwala, Bhupinder Khullar.  Well known as ‘Tubsy’ within the Asian Music Industry he is an international percussionist playing the Indian instrument, ‘Dholki’. Tubsy started playing dhol at the age of about 9 but was already playing tabla at the local gurudwara from the age of 6 and dholak he has always been playing, but dhol came later as he was not allowed to play it. His dad did not hold dhol playing in a very high regard at all and he had to play the dhol away from home and family. Tubsy comes from a family of musicians his father and my ustad (Guru) ji, LATE SHRI PAKHAR SINGH JI was a dhadhi, playing the dhad sarangi style of music. His elder brother SITAL SINGH (FAMOUS FOR HIS DHOLAK GROOVE ON A.S.KANG’S GIDHIAN DI RANI AND ANARI SANGEET’S MERE LUS LUS KARDE ANG) is a very highly regarded dholak player and was also one of the 1st dhol players certainly in the midlands if not in the country as he started a bhangra group called the Saathies bhangra in 1968/9, (a number of well-known artists came from that bhangra group eg a.s.kang, lakhbir lakhi apna sangeet jarnail dosanjh karnail cheema harbhajan germany). Having both his dad and brother as his strongest influences and both playing very strong punjabi folk styles he too became very folk orientated. Tubsy has been very lucky in his career in that he has had the good fortune to accompany some very amazing bands and artists. One of the most memorable was the LAL CHAND YAMLA JATT JI. Other artists included, Anari Sangeet, Apna Sangeet, Alaap, Bhujangi, Geet, Heera, Kalapreet, Premi, A.S Kang, Saathies, Nimmana group, Baba bakhtora, Ranjeeta Rani, Miss Neelam, Kamaljit Neeru, Sarbjit kaur, Parmjit Pammi, Miss Pooja, Sudesh kumari, Gurlez Akhtar, Kuldeep Manak, Surinder Shinda, Mohd sadeeq, Bindrakhia, Kulwinder dhillon, Gurdas Maan, Sherry Maan, Harbhajan Maan, Amrinder Gill, Daljit Dosanjh, Gippy Grewal, Jazzy b, Sukhshinder Shinda, Aman Hayer, Angrez Ali, Jatinder Shah, Pandit Dinesh, Jonny Zee, K. S Makhan, Harman. Tubsy has played for BOLLYWOOD FILMS YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA (1&2) as well as having also played on MARIAH CAREY’S new single “love sick” and played with Naina cherry and STEVIE WONDER on the stage in a Norway world music festival. Now, The Journey of South Asian Percussionist Tubsy Lands Firmly on American Music Projects Ten years after Bhangra percussionist Tubsy released "Load of Dhollucks" through Mahvrick's Global distribution arm, Tubsy flew to New York, met with song writer and EDM DJ "JES" who was Born and bred in Manhattan, New York. JES and I have discussed the vision for the music. The business is being worked out between Mahvrick and Anthony Vaz," says Tubsy. Many Hip Hop fans in the U.S. know of Tubsy's work that is the featured drummer on notable hits with Panjabi.  The two producers connected while Richard "Mahvrick" worked on music and videos with Panjabi Mc. Mahvrick has produced three songs on "the Raj" and a single "Shade On" and also marketed Morni which rose to Number #3 Rank on the Billboard World Charts. JES has collaborations with the worlds leading DJ’s from Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, BT, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold and ATB. JES also has received three Grammy nominations. "Mahvrick is working with Anthony Vaz to make that happen. During his previous stay in the U.S., Tubsy Qil (producer) and Rob from Mahvrick's team went to a Beverly Hills Mansion Party with Mahvrick which was written up in Page Six for being shut down by the police at  3AM  and over $100,000 in Champagne poured that night for a company Mahvrick marketed for. Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Drake, the platinum producer Belly, and French Montana all attended. " I got to sit and Sal and Drake's table with Mahvrick and Belly. The most amazing night.This led to Mahvrick and I Later, I met at the home of Jean Nelson Head of Music of Maverick-Blue Print (an arm of Madonna's Maverick under SONY), who has Artists Weeknd, Drake, Little Wayne on his roster. "...Our discussion was clearly South Asia and breaking records through Tubsy's network. This was an excellent way follow up and bring everything full circle to the party in Beverly Hills," says Richard Mahee "Mahvrick". After the trip the producers thought about the people they met with and decided to put together a program with like minded musicians like JES, Eric Levy (Keyboardist Night Ranger) who is managed by Todd Confessore, who has worked with Marilyn Manson, Toto, Linkin Park, Journey to Prince. Arnel Pineda (Lead Singer of Journey), Damon Ranger (Dee Snider's Guitarist), Even Jean Nelson's roster and give back to troops during performances by meeting them and thanking them before or after a show. So they (Tubsy and Mahvrick) got on the phone with Christine Brenner for Brenner Foundation discussed Meet and Greets strategy for US Troops and Veterans around the world as a way to give back. Christine decided to implement it as a program. Mahvrick is over seeing that and a division called Brenner Made where the proceeds go back to Veteran causes and homeless shelters. "Richard and I are in negotiations with House Full 4 a South Asian Production, including role (Mahvrick) I'll cameo in and music produced by Tubsy and arranged by both of us. Its been lots of fun but the material results of the efforts are somewhat ground breaking for the both cultures," says Tubsy.