Crimson Luxe Coming Soon!

With ever changing trends, the lady’s love for dazzling outfits are getting more ‘cool’ day by day. In recent years, we have seen a bunch of fit designers who are coming up with brilliant new ideas regarding dresses. As a result, the competition and obsession for fashion outfits is on the increase. So much so, the ladies are booking their dresses on line, so they could get the best before it appears on the shelves of outlets. ‘Luxury brand’ is working together with a designer Saira Shakira to launch their new collection named as ‘Crimson Luxe’. It will be available in the country by the end of August this year. The price range would be between Rs. 11000 - 12000. The orders would be acceptable on line. Saira Shakira has a keen sense of ladies passion for fashion and design, and has a unique approach which appeals the ladies charms. Crimson Luxe Featured 12 unstitched designs on luxury fabric viz. Chiffon, Silks, Hand woven nets, and Organza with Saira Shakira’s signature embroideries and tricky hand work add-ons. They have used brilliant color schemes in the collection keeping in mind the mercury levels. The CEO of Crimson and both designers seem to be delighted in working together. Their experience of working together hand in hand has been joyous, superb and helpful journey and is opening of a new avenue in the world of fashion and style.   Our very own Sanam Saeed is selected as the face of the camping.