Make-up is what every woman needs either she’s house wife, corporate women or college going girl. Make-up artists are world over admired, but if we talk about Asia they are higly appreciated & have good scope there. You will have to see artist not only doing fashion make-up but they are also indulge in doing: Theatrical makeup, Special effects makeup (FX makeup), Airbrushing, Bridal makeup & High definition, Such artists are still found rare even in 21st century, having command on all techniques of make-up. Hilde M.Johansen is one of the top make-up artists. Born on 08-04-1983, she is From Larvik, Norway. Hilde has been interested in design and make-up since her high school days, where she studied Textile and Design. After graduating from high school she pursued her studies at the Makeup School of Art complexion,Oslo, where her works were sometimes called “too extreme”. “My Personal favourite lipstick color is nude, it can give a natural look but also can look sexy at the same time. It’s a timeless product just as the red lipstick is too. Another favourite tool is the liquid eyeliner, It really frames the eyes and gives it such an exotic lift.” Hilde M.Johansen; Says. During her studies in Norway Hilde met Nils Christian Ihlen, the owner of Esmod Fashion School in Oslo. Impressed by Hilde’s creativity and bold use of colours, he suggested her to go to Asia, where her style would be in high demand. Following his advice, Hilde moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where she studied Fashion at Kalawin International Fashion School from 2007 to 2011.” It feels like I’m living between two worlds: fantasy and reality,” Hilde M. Johansen says. Hilde has worked as a makeup artist and costume designer for over 7 years across Asia. She has done makeup and styling, developed concepts and costumes for numerous creative workshops by such renowned photographers as Manny Librodo, Kenvin Pinardy and Gerbie Pabilona. Influenced by works of David Lachapelle, Yayoi kusama and Svenja Jodicke, Hilde is famous for her love of extremes, creative use of colours and massive accessories. Hilde suggests young girls to wear bright colors! To show that they are brave, energetic & alive. She’s so inspired by the colorful world (Nature) we are living in! As life is full of colors, Let’s celebrate!