‘Colgate Scholarship’

‘Colgate’ is one of the top brand tooth pastes in Pakistan.  The firm introduced its first Colgate Toothpaste in 1873, aromatic toothpaste sold in jars. In 1896, the company sold its first toothpaste in a tube, ‘Colgate Ribbon Dental Cream’ (invented by dentist Washington Sheffield).Later on, in 1985 US granted the firm license to manufacture and market ‘Colgate Palmolive’ products in Pakistan. ‘Colgate’ offers quality oral care products, including toothpastes, toothbrushes, as well as expert dental health information.   ‘Colgate’ has been arranging scholarship programs for kids since many years, Colgate brought up an exciting chance for children to win a scholarship of Rs. 100,000/-. recently. The procedure to participate in the Colgate Scholarship Program is very easy. All you need is to type ‘Colgate’ and send it via SMS to 9460 or call at 0800-22111. All the correct answers would be entered into a weekly lucky draw, with prize money as Rs. 100,000/-. This amount will be awarded to the winners in the name of their educational institutions only. The main aim behind the scholarship is to promote oral hygiene among the kids and also provides an opportunity to parents for winning a scholarship of Rs. 100,000/- and give their children a bright smile and future.   Let us all try our luck, maybe it works!