Cornetto PopRock-IV Music Video

Cornetto PopRock is a nationwide music platform for all the music lovers. The main purpose of this is to revive the pop rock culture in Pakistan. Cornetto is a brand leading this platform and is simultaneously hosting a series of concerts and auditions in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It is releasing 6 music videos/songs encompassing duets and solos. They are also providing a platform for new singers to participate. The Season 1 lineup includes maestros of the music fraternity such as Ali Azmat, Komal Rizvi, Noori,UmairJaswal, QurramHussain, Zoe Viccaji, QuratulainBaloch and the international sensation Ali Zafar. Recently Cornetto released the most anticipated Ali Azmat music video, Mein. The video shows the life of a rock star shot by a rock star.  Ali Azmat commented by saying; “This is our second song for #CornettoPopRock, besides the concerts we have had at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Amaan is a great guy and is very talented. Cornetto has done a service to its country by promoting the existing talent in Pakistan. Also, hats off to them for pulling of such massive concerts given the situation in the cities"   All in all, the Cornetto Pop Rock tour is off to an amazing start, in bringing back live music to Pakistan!