Iftaar Mulaqat with Sarah Khan

With the 19th Episode of Iftaar Mulaqaat with Hina Khawaja Bayt, the TV Actress Sarah Khan enthralled the show. Who will not know Sarah Khan? Yes, she is a hit this season on TV, paired with the best actors and seems to be a compromising actress so far. From the interactive conversation with Sarah, we got to know about her 5 most awe-inspiring qualities, which left us captivated. Let see what she has, Sarah is Hard working, that is what we know, but we are talking about her home chores, she do the Sundays for home chores, even we got to know she works on set. Isn’t that amazing? Sarah is a beautiful heart, yes as we know she is a beautiful face, Sarah speaks about generosity and helping other, one should be like Sarah beautiful inside out. Sarah is decent, she is not a brand-conscious person, she believes in simplicity and teamwork. Sarah is a family girl, she loves her family and tries spending time with them, and she take care of her sibling and spent good-time with them after her work. And the last, Sarah is a great chef, she cook for family, with some extraordinary culinary skills, she cooks for herself. All we know is Sarah Khan is the next level artist as well as a perfect girl to take an example, to watch more about celebrities, watch GEO Kahani daily at  6PM