Joyous moments of Azadi Fiesta

Pakistan came into existence on 14 august 1947. This day we recall, appreciate and admire the sacrifices of the founder and many great leaders of Pakistan.  The whole country is being decorated with flags and buntings.  The day begins with prayers in different Masajids for the unity and solidarity of Pakistan. The national ceremony takes place in Islamabad. Many of the school and colleges prepare different program for the Independence Day. Mostly people wear white and green color dress on 14 August. Radio and TV keeps on showing the patriotic songs and history of Pakistan throughout the day. Karachities surely have a treat on the coming Independence Day. As Reactivate is organizing three days Azadi festival for them. Starting from 12th of August it will end up on 14th august. It will be take place on Frere Hall Karachi. This program is designed for every single common man who loves Pakistan. It will also promote the culture and heritage of Pakistan It will also be having food stalls and face paintings.   Ali Azmat will be doing a live concert, to increase the patriotism in people.