Kiran Rai hosts Wimbledon event WTA 2017

Kiran Rai the person you just can't get rid of was the host of stars that were attending from grand slam champions to Olympics gold medalists will descend on the capital  tonight  for the annual WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party.  Some of the biggest names in tennis will hit the purple carpet outside Kensington Roof Gardens for the glitzy bash.  For the first time, arrivals will be live streamed on the official Women's Tennis Association Twitter account   The UK tennis champs will be able to enjoy some last minute free time before Wimbledon kicks off  on Monday .  Other stars expected to attend  tonight’s  event, which will be serving up a limited edition Häagen-Dazs strawberries and cream ice-cream, include Roxie Nafousi, Holly Branson and TOWIE’s Georgia Toffolo  Including grand slam champions and gold medalists were attending and Kiran Rai once again gets the exclusive story. Rai said " it's crazy that I'm able to be here and interview these brilliant tennis players, ive looked up to them for years, I am excited " mean while Rai has hosted his 18th major show since November 2017 and plans to take a break and go back into the world of acting. Rai said " yes it's fun but I am now returning back to acting, presenting has been fun and ive achieved so much but this isn't what I wanted to do full time "