Pageant Presenter Jay kelly was the Host and Presenter for this beauty pageant which took place at The Clayton Crown Hotel in Cricklewood on the 14th July. The concept of pageants is a very interesting one and I do believe that there have been many misconceptions about them. There is the stereotypical pageant queen considered to be an ‘airhead’ and why is it that they always seemed to want to ‘save the world’?! I must say that I fall into the category of believing that they can belittle women and indeed from recent experience of a pageant event, it summed that belief up well for me. However, despite all of this, having had a debilitating illness and a recent divorce I decided to enter one to see what it was all about. Little did I know that I would WIN, become a Title Holder and be invited into the wonderful ‘pageant family’ which indeed it is. Not a stranger to back-stage, the contestants are friendly, kind and caring girls who want, like anyone else to become successful in their field of achievement. They are very supportive of one another, encouraging and many have great levels of intelligence. This leads me on to announce that I had great pleasure in Presenting and Hosting this pageant. I met the organiser Daniella Costin at the ‘Pre Pageant Fashion Event’ where I interviewed some of the contestants. Daniella is 17 years of age and is currently studying her ‘A’ levels. This amazing lady had managed to organise to work with top designers, some of the top paparazzi to cover the event, was being filmed by Channel 5 and had attracted a very high level of contestant. The Categories for the Pageant were to be: Miss Continental UK and  Miss Teen Continental UK and the pageant was open to girls aged 12 upwards. Her passion was to help those that aspire to be successful in the pageant industry. This is a quote from ‘Daniella’ You will have a lot of fun, make new friends, win fantastic prizes, and leave with a smile on your face. We will be fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust charity. What most people seem to misunderstand is that the pageant world can be incredibly supportive and can boost confidence to those who enter. Even if a contestant does not win it often encourages them to either compete in another pageant or build their self esteem having had the courage to have entered. With the collaboration of many other brands Pakistani designer Cheena Chhapra beautiful clothes were selected in the contest. Pakistan in vogue magazine was the official media partner of the event, as Pakistan in Vogue promotes upcoming events, new happenings, trends, contemporary fashion, designers, beauty, health, brands etc. Daniella offers ‘tips’ on her website to help contestants and words of inspiration to help them: Miss Dresses provided by Elsa Boutique Teen Dresses provided by Karolina Lankoz Jewels: Ka-viva  Photography by Minde Lpi Deborah Jay Kelly Dresses by L.Catherine.   Deborah Jay Kelly Pageant Show Presenter &Host