Sun Silk-Wedding diaries

Wedding season is at its peak these days in Pakistan, we see a lot of couples from our friends and relatives tying the knot this year. People usually select the sacred month of Rabi ul Awal for their weddings. There are series of celebrations and get togethers in each marriage. In our sub-continent, the merriments span over a week or so. It gets disquieting for youth to present themselves afresh every day, as many would have an opportunity to set their eyes upon them. Ladies main focus is on the dress design and fabric, cosmetics and hair styles. The basic is aim is to be something diverse every day, presenting as unique yet rich and elegant.    Sunsilk new commercial has given good insight to young ladies and helped them sort out their pressures regarding the versatility of their hair style and dresses. In a 60 second commercial directed by Farooq Mannan, Sunsilk plans the complete wedding look by guiding girls on how to be flexible with their hair using Sunsilk’s pink variant shampoo, thick and long. Thick and long hair can allow you to play with your hair, that you want promising less damage and healthy hair that look beautiful tied or let loose. The model Hania Amir was styled by Yelli and the three glamorous dresses were designed by Sania Maskatiya for Mayun and Mehndi and Nomi Ansari for the Shaadi. The melodious song being sung in the background was by Rachel Viccaji. Thick & long hair is every Pakistani girl’s dream Sunsilk shampoo is hair care brand produced by the Unilever group. The brand was introduced 1954 in the UK, available around the globe. Sunsilk has presented its signature wedding hair trends for this season. We appreciate the new commercial for solving our biggest problem for this wedding season