UK Model Angelina Kali

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TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF A: I am an international fashion model, professional photographer and fashion consultant based in London. As a child, I was very interested in anything artistic. I took regular piano lessons and became a fairly accomplished piano player. My love for music got me into dancing when I was 12. I joined a dance group and often […]

Talented Yoga Instructor – Kehkashan Nadeem

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Kehkashan Nadeem is the pioneer of Aerial yoga in Pakistan; she did her teacher training from Ulu Yoga Thailand. Pakistan In vogue got privileged to get her exclusive interview for the magazine. Tell us something about yourself ? I am Kehkashan Nadeem; I have been sharing my knowledge and effectively changing lives for the past […]

Director of Kaviva Jewels – London

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Tell us something about your background? I was raised in East London where I completed my education. I come from a traditional Indian family consisting of my Mother, Father, elder Brother and Grand Parents with whom I’m still very close. When did you start designing jewellery? Although I went on to qualify in health and social care I always knew that my calling was in fashion and beauty.  As time […]

Doris Dorothea’s Exclusive Interview!

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1) Tell us something about yourself? Established in 1985, Cardina, the holding company of Doris Dorothea has become the leader in the reptile industry in Indonesia. After the long road of being a supplier and distributor of reptile leather and finished goods to many brands worldwide, in 2013 Cardina was undertaken of its second generation. […]

Make up Artist Mariam Kamran – London

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Tell us something about yourself?  I am Mariam Karman; I have done bachelors in IT. As a person I am very ambitious towards my work, I love to socialize with different people in order to gain knowledge so that I can implement in my field. What fascinates you about this field?  I never planned to […]

Hilde Johansen

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Hilde Marie Johansen is a professional makeup artist, costume designer, co-founder and creative director of SMA Bangkok. Pakistan in vogue magazine got a chance to get her exclusive interview. It was very nice to meet her. How long have you been working as a makeup artist? I have been working as a makeup artist for […]

Nataliya Model

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Nataliya Zab is an international model working in the field since the age of 14. Pakistan in vogue got a chance to take her exclusive interview in our magazine for her fans to know more about her. What made you first become a model? Hello it’s a pleasure to answer your questions about modeling work […]

Ruhani Sharma – International Supermodel & Celebrity

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Tell us about yourself? A: I am an Indian origin, based in Hong Kong for last 10 years. By qualification I am a fashion and textile designer and by profession an international fashion model. A beauty pageant winner who walks for celebrity designers at the top international fashion weeks like New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, […]

Ripci Bhatia

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This time we grab an exclusive interview from very talented designer Ripci Bhatia, who is the owner of Brand Amour Faith Hope. 1) Tell us something about yourself? I was raised in the fashion capital city, New Delhi, I was exposed to the world of arts, paints and brushes since childhood. I had a great passion […]

Rafay Rashdi

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Rafay Rashdi is a patriotic Pakistani who would like to give his best to his motherland. He is a filmmaker, writer, producer, politician, musician and managing partner of Moomal Entertainment. Undoubtly he is jack of all trades. Our team had the privilege of having an interesting conversation.   Tell us something about yourself? Just an […]