Independence Day with Alina Azhar young Pakistani girl!

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This Independence Day, we celebrate the young Pakistani girl who has won the highest accolade a young person can win, The Diana Award for her philanthropist efforts since the age of 11, and made the whole nation proud. @alyina49 @aasra_pakistan Diana Award is an award established in memory of the late Princess of Wales, and […]

The viral Pakistani cricket fan with a sad face

admin 5:52 pm Meet Mohammad Sarim Akhtar- the viral Pakistani cricket fan with a sad face Pakistan’s performance in the current World Cup has been just average. Perhaps below average at times, with our experienced players playing like newbies. In the recent Pakistan Vs Australia match, the best thing people got out was perhaps the sad Pakistani […]

Interview of Simonida Filipova Kitanovska

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It all started when a little girl received a modest blackboard as a gift. She at once sat down on the floor and drew her grandmother’s old sewing machine. To this day, she fondly remembers the applause and the multiple cries of “bravo” from her family and friends. At that moment, she knew what she […]


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Q. First let’s start with leather. what it is all about and what is the history behind leather? tell us in brief. A. We as a whole know about leather as of now leather needs no introduction all things considered there since we human and animals appeared The most punctual record of leather ancient rarities […]

Model Dilek Kaya !

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  TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF?  My name is Dilek Kaya, I am from Istanbul. I am 30 years old. I am international model. I started little bit late it when I was 25! KENDİNİZ HAKKINDA BİR KÜTÜPHANE? Adım Dilek Kaya, ben İstanbulluyum. 30 yaşındayım. Ben uluslararası bir modelim. 25 yaşımdayken biraz geç başladım! […]

UK Model Angelina Kali

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TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF A: I am an international fashion model, professional photographer and fashion consultant based in London. As a child, I was very interested in anything artistic. I took regular piano lessons and became a fairly accomplished piano player. My love for music got me into dancing when I was 12. I joined a dance group and often […]

Talented Yoga Instructor – Kehkashan Nadeem

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Kehkashan Nadeem is the pioneer of Aerial yoga in Pakistan; she did her teacher training from Ulu Yoga Thailand. Pakistan In vogue got privileged to get her exclusive interview for the magazine. Tell us something about yourself ? I am Kehkashan Nadeem; I have been sharing my knowledge and effectively changing lives for the past […]

Director of Kaviva Jewels – London

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Tell us something about your background? I was raised in East London where I completed my education. I come from a traditional Indian family consisting of my Mother, Father, elder Brother and Grand Parents with whom I’m still very close. When did you start designing jewellery? Although I went on to qualify in health and social care I always knew that my calling was in fashion and beauty.  As time […]

Doris Dorothea’s Exclusive Interview!

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1) Tell us something about yourself? Established in 1985, Cardina, the holding company of Doris Dorothea has become the leader in the reptile industry in Indonesia. After the long road of being a supplier and distributor of reptile leather and finished goods to many brands worldwide, in 2013 Cardina was undertaken of its second generation. […]

Make up Artist Mariam Kamran – London

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Tell us something about yourself?  I am Mariam Karman; I have done bachelors in IT. As a person I am very ambitious towards my work, I love to socialize with different people in order to gain knowledge so that I can implement in my field. What fascinates you about this field?  I never planned to […]