Diana Walkiewicz

Tell us something about yourself?

My name is Diana Walkiewicz I am a designer for 12 years and the owner of DeVu brand (devu.com.pl). Designs of love make wedding dresses and visits. I am also a student of the 2nd degree of the University of Technology – Humanities in Radom on the direction of design. Thanks to the award from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education I received a Scientific Grant to create an innovative collection and promote it in the world. Thanks to this, I have created innovative and technologically advanced designs which have been displayed at Magdeburg Germany Modaviosion 2016, Pakistan Fashion Week 2016, New York Fashion Week 2017 United Stanes and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Kiev 2017.
Why did you choose to become designer?
My first studies were related to traveling.
My previous schools taught me to specialize in bilogi, chemistry and physics. From the day of my first graduation ball, which needed a unique dress – my projects are appreciated. To become a designer, I will follow the signposts that my life has pointed out. Creating dresses is my love. Creating innovative ideas related to ideas is my passion.

What motivates you as a designer?
Most of the work motivates me to plan for further projects. When he sees a lot of ideas in my head – he works more and faster to create and see more. Each financial impact for my work is devoted to the further development of my business and business. Therefore, the greatest motivation is the ability to continue and develop.
What are your hobbies?
I love so many things that it was easier to
write what I do not love 🙂
I love traveling – getting to know new worlds, other people, other cultures, unknown places. I love the cosmos and all the astrology associated with it. The greatness of the universe and the prevailing physics of it. Great scientists. The laws of nature, the animal, the essence of the creation of man and of all existence. Learn about religions, beliefs and personalities of other people’s interests. Live and enjoy sports, fly by plane, submarine, dive, cook, eat, ride a bike and climb the
mountains. I love living and experiencing life because life and the world are beautiful.

How do you deal with stress and challenges?
I’m worried about everything and I’m trying to think of everything to find out – well. I often do not sleep at night and I have blundered ways of working and solving obstacles. I wonder about how to deal with this advice – maybe just do not give up. set a goal and give it a go.
What would be one special thing about design that catches your attention?
The special thing about the project is its
innovation and inconvenience. Each garment is not only unique in terms of solutions but also hand made. I love the manual works because they work on them for months but when they are created one and unique

What make a good fashion show?
A good fashion show is a carefully crafted
project that creates a decent collection. Then perfect models that fit in their size with clothes. At a later stage it is the styling of the make-up and the hair that must match the whole. then practice the walking system for the models and choosing the music. Drills and exercises and accesories. And finally the fashion show;)

What are your future plans?
In the future I plan to visit Dubai again –
I was very happy to meet so many nice people and tempertura turned out to be perfect for me. He is working on the collection in December 2017 because I wanted to present him during the Miss Supranationale final. In February I would like to visit Milano and fahion week with new collection. And in April 2018 I would like to invite you to my fashion show in Warsaw, Poland.

Any suggestion or messages for the everyone?
Everything is so great and we are so tiny,
and in all of this we are so awesome. imagination has no boundaries. heart is a very good counselor best when it goes hand in hand and in agreement with reason. Setting goals and achieving them gives satisfaction and builds character and personality. Hard work is needed to succeed. The most important in life is to be healthy and happy. Let’s look for happiness.

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