As fashion weeks held in different countries and real urban communities of the world additionally keeps on being composed in comparable fashion week in Turkey.

Turkey, particularly in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya sorted out fashion a long time in urban communities, for example, fashion weeks in spite of the fact that it is conceivable to find in the distinctive territories. One of these urban communities is Konya.

Konya Fashion Day was composed out of the blue this year and it swung to be a manageable fashion week. The work that has been accomplished for some time has at long last been finished.


The first Konya Fashion Week, which occurred on 23 February 2019, took place with the introduction of Tuğçe Sarıkaya.


we saw numerous popular names in design week in Konya. Numerous fashioners, models and agents were there in Konya on February 23rd. Essential organizations were additionally supported by the association.


The show was completely wonderful . the accumulation exhibited were eminently astonishing. we are enamored with the cutting edge cuts and outlines. we saw some inconceivably skilled creators with the bunches of imaginative thoughts in the realm of style.

we witnessed some amazing styles and innovative ideas perfectly executed as per fashion.  the famous fashion designer Yildirim Mayruk also attended and  a lot of other distinguished guests. After the show, the famous models who visited Mevlana experienced emotional moments there.

In the announcements made, that Konya Fashion Day, which was said to be essential for the advancement and improvement of Konya, and it really ended up being entirely important as far as limited time exercises. it was so traditionalized. Despite the fact that the first run through in the city is sorted out, notice that the critical names to be incorporated. This has pulled in more consideration regarding Konya.

The fashion week in Konya  was an essential case for some urban areas. Customarily outside the urban communities could make reference to fashion as Turkey’s principle urban areas were not held much. Notwithstanding, with this activity, it is conceivable to see fashion week in Anatolia in the coming years. this fashion week in konya get a colossal measure of visitor too.

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