Five Best Healthy Food to Consume Daily

We should always focus on eating nutritious and pure food in order to make our life healthy. The best way to eat well is to have a balance diet which has proteins, right amount of carbohydrates and fats. Our body demands a complete portion of each of the basic foods. For example meat, beans have protein. Yogurt and milk has calcium, bread, wheat has carbohydrates. Butter, cream and oil have fat. Essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins like ADEK and B complex should be an important ingredient of our daily food. It is also important to know which of our food is having the basic nutrients. Those individuals who don’t take the right amount of nutrients their immunity and ability to resist disease and infirmity is compromised and they are prone to become an easy prey of various viruses, bacteria and germs. Frequent small illnesses open a gate to bigger diseases which effect quality o life, productivity of an individual and shorten the life span.

Beside everything we should avoid taking saturated fat and added sugar in our food. There is a list of food which we should consume on daily basis. But few I am listing below.



You should always have honey in your kitchen as strengthens immune system, heals wound and burns. There is a list of benefits of consuming honey as it reduces heart diseases and prevents some cancers.


It is loaded with a list of nutrients as it has proteins and vitamin D. Eating fish reduces many illness such as risk of heart attacks and strokes. It also increases the grey matter in brain. It also reduces the risk of autoimmune disease diabetes type 1. Eating fish may protect your vision in old age. And the last thing it reduces depression.


We usually keep on forcing our kids to consume more and more of milk but not only for kid’s milk is important for every individual and we should never neglect drinking it daily. It contains almost nine nutrients which play essential role in our body. Few of them are listed below.

 Calcium: It makes bones strong

 Protein: They are complete source of energy

 Potassium: Important for maintaining blood pressure

 Phosphorus: They also support bones.


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