Latest Style Trends Of 2017

          Statement Sleeves

We are in love to be different from each other. Every individual tends to be unique in his/her own manner. Here I am going to mention few latest trends/fashion which are being followed each of us with different outfit. Statement sleeves are one of them, they are very much now in trend an outfit with a dabble of difference and the statement sleeve is what’s caught our attention these days.

The designers are also making these sleeves added along with new collection, as they are being loved by ladies. The statement sleeves are very easy and comfortable while wearing while we know most trends are not!


          Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms is a type of trouser which become wider from the knees,these days they  are very much in the trend, they can be seen accompanying with tops, short shirts ,kurti’s and any outfit of the choice. Bell bottoms looks good with all of them.


          Tessal earrings.

These earrings are on the top trending throughout the year. Things that acquire Instagram likes: decadent, over-the-top ear candy that’s worth its weight in social media gold.

You can buy them from an Instagram and Facebook page bareeki.lhr. Many more are available on their page.



Bomber jackets.

The bomber recently took over the fashion world but this year, its back with a new twist in unusual colors and fresh silhouettes. Whether oversized or embroidered, it’s all about the details in 2017.​

You can wear them with simple tees and different shirt and you rock one with your name too.


          One shoulder dress.
These are a great way to show off a little skin because you know what? No woman hates her shoulders!

These trends are getting back again as they were famous in back80’s. We have seen many celebrities wearing one shoulder dresses in various fashions shows and awards functions.

          Cold shoulders

Cold shoulders are inn sleeves this year. They always look classy and elegant. The cold shoulder was very much in trend in 80’s and it has great come back in 2017.

The positive point of this trend is that it suits everyone despite of size and body physique. We have this fashion getting popular in both eastern and western culture. Many fashion celebrities are wearing it on important functions.


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