Make up Artist Mariam Kamran – London

Tell us something about yourself? 

I am Mariam Karman; I have done bachelors in IT. As a person I am very ambitious towards my work, I love to socialize with different people in order to gain knowledge so that I can implement in my field.

What fascinates you about this field? 

I never planned to become a makeup artist but I always have a keen interest in makeup and their brands. For me with a help of makeup I can beautify and enhance the facial features of a human beings.


Who is your role model in this field? 

I have few makeup artist as my role model in this field; Rizwan Noor, Nabila, Saba Ansari, Musarat Misbah. I follow their techniques and watch their tutorial that’s how I learn new  methods.

What are the challenges you face handling different clients?

There are list of challenges that I face with different clients. Some are very cooperative and while others are very adamant about the look they want, time management is also another challenge.

What makes you standout of other makeup artists? 

Well, I think when any client comes to me for a makeup , firstly I make them relax,  give them a comfort level that I am going to do the best for her and I  will give her the look beyond her expectation. I develop a very friendly relationship with my clients.

Which make up brand you like or recommend?  

I like a mixture of brands, such as Arbonne, mac, krylone, huda, inglot. I cannot recommend a brand because it depends on client’s preference. And usually I mix different brands to create a particular look.



What was your best make up done so far?

There are a quite a few but when I do bridal make up it give me a great satisfaction that I am doing something magnificent on their big day


 Do you follow the instructions of client or do the makeup of your own?

Of course firstly I listen to them, because it’s going to be their big day and they have certain plans. Later on!

i do guide them with my personal experience and suggest the best for them. But it is always a mutual understanding that I have with my clients.


What is your future plan?

AHH, a list of them I hope I will open my own academy and teach the techniques to students. Along with that I would like to open my salon where the students will practice their knowledge gained in the academy.


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