Modest Fashion Week is ready to shine Today !

Jakarta Modest Fashion Week is on and it is ready to showcase the diversity of style in one of the biggest lifestyle center in Jakarta; Gandaria City from Today, 2018. Think Fashion– the certified owner of Modest Fashion Week is collaborating with Markamarie Creative to make the first official and the most international Modest Fashion Week in Southeast Asia. The event will be held in 4 days and present a rich array of modest designs from designers and brands worldwide in the form of fashion shows, talkshows, booths, exhibitions and workshops.

“There will be so many international stakeholders participating in #JMFW, we are working hard to make the vision alive. We are building the bridge for international brands to Southeast Asia and vice versa; we want people to see the other side of Southeast Asia that they haven’t seen before. Southeast Asia is a big market but it is more than a market, it is a good source of inspiration and innovation.” told Franka Soeria, the co-founder of Official Modest Fashion Week worldwide.


Jakarta Modest Fashion Week has so much ”first” in it. The biggest international modest fashion event in Asia, the biggest fashion event in Indonesia, the first Modest Fashion Weeks stores worldwide! With 20 countries & 5 continent participants, Jakarta Modest Fashion Week will host the 40 fashion shows, 50 brand booths and will highlight the Indonesian fashion talents while opening a unique platform for international designers in Southeast Asia ” added Ozlem Sahin, the co-founder of  Official Modest Fashion Week worldwide and Think Fashion.

Beside #JMFWPoints, the event will be full of interesting and exciting content; one of which is the Dream & Design for Disabilities Project. This project aims to connect disabled people’s vision with fashion industry. Designers from Turkey (Zümrüt Kaya), and Germany (Meriem Lebdiri) and Indonesia (Markamarie & ACT) connect with local disabled communities in special workshops to create fashion items that will be sold in jakartamodestfw.com and in the event. The profit will be used as donation to buy wheelchairs for those in need and also lovely pieces will be shown on runway on a very special show. The co-founder of Think Fashion Ozlem Sahin highlight that ”Fashion is for everyone and it should be inclusive. If 15% of the World’s population live with some form of disability, we really need to create an awareness in fashion industry.”

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