Q. First let’s start with leather. what it is all about and what is the history behind leather? tell us in brief.

A. We as a whole know about leather as of now leather needs no introduction all things considered there since we human and animals appeared The most punctual record of leather ancient rarities goes back to 2200 BC. Leather is utilized to make an assortment of articles, including footwear, vehicle seats, garments, sacks, book ties, style adornments, and furniture

Q. How leather is playing its part in e-commerce ? how its contributing online either internationally or domestic?

A. okay if we talk about internationally leather is contributing on a huge scale. if we look into Amazon it has a huge impact on online sales people rather prefers to buy online than to go to a store as it saves time. there are many options line as in pricing, product selection and many other facilities like shipping and returns. so it’s more successful online.

Q. How would you describe nova leather? what it’s all about? what is the history?

A. We begun the work in 1986. at that point we began NOVADO in 1989 from that point forward ALHAMDULILLAH. we are the biggest producer of leather goods extraordinarily leather jackets, around the world.

Q. How much are your exports?

A we export about very nearly 100,000 bits of leather jackets each month since most recent 100 years which is been the biggest fare of leather jackets in the world. also, it’s about possibly leather jackets and on the off chance that we include other stuff as in nylon ones or other material’s jacket it would be most likely 0.2 to 0.3 million jackets we export.

Q. Do you face any difficulties as in export?

A. No different challenges aside from the one that is fur jackets, which are permitted everywhere throughout the world however Pakistan is the main nation where it isn’t bolstered by government and authorities I don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s the misconception about the fur jackets

Q. Why not Pakistan bolster leather exhibitions or design demonstrates had some expertise in leather?  how Pakistan can overcome the situation and how Pakistan can develop their name at international standards? what are the reasons that we are so behind?

A. Pakistan needs to present itself universally as a leather producer which we were actually in back days however lamentably because of awful conditions and lawfulness circumstance of the nation. which influenced the worldwide purchasers. they would not come to Pakistan. we truly need to set up a constructive domain here by making a name first, so individuals can think like that we have to turn out and we have to advance it globally. I am not discussing alternate zones but rather Pakistan need worldwide purchasers to arrive.

Q. What are the measures should be taken to get there?

A.  For that we have to chip away at rebuilding of international flight like we confronted loads of issues here as purchasers takes corresponding flights which makes things convoluted and on the off chance that we see that like in most recent 2 decades we haven’t made some other 5 star inn. we haven’t put resources into these things as well.

Q. What are things could turn out to be helpful for us?

A. Definitely by making things easier by working on the different aspects which i just discussed. we need to grab international buyers and tourism,. as we are just entertaining at local markets among local people we need to take it to international level by fixing these issues.

Q. What steps should be taken to have an impact in our favor?

A. As we need to make one stop solution in Pakistan for the people as they can find all the things either hand bags , fashion bags , shoes or luggage bags anything at one stop. for this need to work those things then it will have an impact. without fixing these things we can’t promote it on international level.

Q. When are you starting it in Pakistan then ? hopefully we will be having a good leather stuff and specially jackets soon.

A. Yeah we are working on it we are about to launch it in Pakistan very soon. we are trying it to be one of the biggest online selling point for leather jackets in Pakistan.

Q. What will be your pricing strategy then for Pakistan?

A. We will make it easier through our website . we will make sure that you can everything you are looking for at one stop with reasonable price and best quality. no one will pay more than 8000 in Pakistan for a leather jacket it can vary from 5000 to 8000 max. where they can easily get high quality , high fashioned jacket in reasonable price.

We will definitely look into things and we will try to fix these things. so that we can make 100% of it. and we wish you all the best and are looking forward to your launch in Pakistan

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