Pepsi Is Back With The Bang

Pepsi has launching battle of the band after 15 long years, which is bringing lots of positive energy among the youngsters of the country. The reality show begins with a release of its official song which has Fawad Khan, Atif Aslam and Meesha Shafi signing together with mash up of two old hits; one of vital sign “Do Pal Ka Jeevan” and Alamgir’s “Dekha Na Tha”.

It’s really amazing to see favorite’s celebrities sitting on one panel, Pepsi Battle of the band take so much attention in short span of time. The very stylish and multi-talented Ayesha Omar is hosting the reality show.

The most interesting part of the show is that Meesha Shafi of Band Overload, Farooq Ahmed of Aaroh and Fawad Khan of Ep are now sitting in the judge panel, and these bands were in their struggling period year 2002. Aaorah was declared as the winner of Last season of Pepsi battle of band.

100 of bands register themselves as participants. Among them 36 bands were shortlisted for auditions. The season will be having total 8 episode; Fawad khan, Meesha and Farooq for beginning auditions and Atif Aslam and Shahi Hassan for the battle round. The top selected 8 bands for all over the country are; Kashmir, Darvesh, Roots, Badnaam, Aura, Madlock, Shajr and Jasim & The Pindi Boys.

Pepsi has taken many famous designers and stylists on board to make judges and band look stylish and trendy

The first episode was on aired on 30 July. Now it can be seen on every Sunday on all Major Channel of the Tv.

Really excited to know see which of the band reaches in finals, I am with Pindi Boys who are led by Jasim.

Don’t forget to follow the episodes and encourages your favorite band.

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