Punjab Nahi Jaungi – A Captivating Blockbuster of the Year

To make a film grand and successful, a hardworking team is required that is knowledgeable enough to handle every moment of filmaking carefully and precisely. Being a movie lover, I always have the urge to watch a movie that appeals me and has the zing to prove its story. “Punjab Nahi Jaungi” is one of the blockbuster movies, which is a solid proof of Pakistani cinema revival. A script that is well-written by Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar considering the differences in cultures but has also focused on the strong intercultural bonds that evocate the sense of togetherness in Pakistan.

Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat starrer “Punjab Nahi Jaungi” is directed by one of the versatile directors of Pakistan Nadeem Baig who has taken the script to the next level. Baig knows his work extremely well and has kept his focus on all the aspects of the film. The star cast is on-point along with a perfect amount of glitz and glamour, detailed grand sets and powerful technical background. I find it as a film that will cheer you up for days and will make you love Pakistani cinema.

The film starts with the return of Fawad Khagga (Humayun Saeed) to a huge family celebration in his enchanting ancestral palace in Faisalabad after receiving his MA Political Science degree with a hard work of 10 years. Meanwhile, his mother (Saba Hameed), father (Waseem Abbas) and grandpa (Sohail Ahmed) visits Karachi to receive Amal (Mehwish Hayat) who is just returning from London. On the other hand, his not so positive cousin Durdana (Urwa Hocane) is going crazy for him needless he is least interested in her and is searching for his ‘Heer’ since ages. During all this, Fawad’s mother sends him a latest click of Amal wearing a pretty tiara that makes him fall in love with her. This is where all the romance, drama and conflicts start for another two and a half hour.

The writer has full control over the dialogues and language that makes the whole film one of a kind mesmerizing the audience to another world. Fun-filled sequences and romance are what you will experience throughout the film. The chemistry between Fawad and Amal is just to die for, and wow both of them look amazing on the big screen. The first half of the film entertains you with some intense drama and foot-tapping music while the next half carries some emotional aspects with songs that you have never heard before. But sadly the end is a bit dragged that can make the audience to feel a bit bored.


There are many characters in the film that have done true justice to their roles especially veteran actress Naveed Shehzad as Beebo Jee, Sohail Ahmed as Mehtab Khagga and Ahmed Ali Butt as Shafiq while some characters remained unfinished as of Durdana played by Urwa Hocane. The screenplay could have been a bit stronger, but still, Qamar managed to engage the audience till the end hitting all the right aspects.

The film focuses on the discrimination and divorce issues that happen due to cultural and language limitations. Also, the kind of respect women usually gets in Pakistan. Amal is a strong girl that knows how to stand for her rights and was extremely reluctant to marry in a feudal system at first place but later on got convinced due to some serious relationship consequences. Azfar Rehman plays the role of Amal’s lover from London who is not so strong enough to marry Amal and backs out that becomes the reason for Amal to marry Fawad.

It is not just the script that is the strength of the film, but it is Mehwish Hayat whose outrageous performance has put the movie under the limelight. The wardrobe is just amazing and is mostly designed by Omer Sayed and to my knowledge Khaadi and the interior details in Beebo Jaan’s house is also arranged by Khaadi Home. The overall location and setting are top notch, and the cinematography is just outstanding.

Humayun Saeed’s performance is as usual flawless and being the most experienced male lead, he knows how to drive the audience crazy. His suiting and rolled up sleeves is giving intense fashion vibes. The English-Punjabi dialogues by Fawad, Shafiq, and Durdana adds a hint of cuteness in the movie and the dance number 24/7 by Shafiq and Durdana forces you to jump-over and move your booty. Ahmed Ali Butt as Shafiq proves to be the new item boy of Pakistani cinema.

To get some more intense sequences you need to watch the movie yourself. This film has possibly acclaimed the viewers vote and has possibly become one of the best and major earning movies of Pakistan. So don’t miss this amazing family entertainer and head over to your nearest cinema to experience some more fun and entertainment.


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