Ripci Bhatia

This time we grab an exclusive interview from very talented designer Ripci Bhatia, who is the owner of Brand Amour Faith Hope.

1) Tell us something about yourself?
I was raised in the fashion capital city, New Delhi, I was exposed to the world of arts, paints and brushes since childhood. I had a great passion for drawing & calligraphy that took me to combining my natural instincts with training in Fashion Design & Illustration from the acclaimed JD Institute of Fashion & Design.
I am avid traveler, enthusiastic collector of books, vintage maps,china, black&white fashion photographs, poetry, a lover of libraries, museums, neo classical paintings, fond of architecture, design, beautiful homes, french gardens, whimsy & creativity, classical movies, music and the people who take the time to stop and inspire others.

2. Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

 You know there are some career options you don’t choose. They choose you. All I knew was that I never wanted to stop learning…creating something from scratch always fascinated me. My childhood memories are sitting with carpenters and watching them scrape that wood and turning it into something beautiful. And then collecting the leftover pieces and creating a cottage for my books! The regular games never interest me so much but these kinds of things fulfilled me truly. I just wanted to keep studying and learning. Life happened in a way that it’s been more like picking up these bread crumbs & just following wherever this passion is taking me.

3. What is your favorite part of being a Fashion Designer?


It’s this continuous need for Innovation. To do something newer, better, different. The challenge that comes with it. Watching your idea taking shape and turning into a reality. And then the best part when you see your clients happy! I feel like I am on a continuous vacation that pays! Its truly been a magnificent journey!

4. How would you describe your personal style?

it all depends on my mood.The day and the place am in. But mostly it’s quite ladylike, classic, polished with a touch of something masculine. This sort of balances the whole look for me.

5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strength would be my resilience and ability to always see the positive in everything. My weakness would be my tendency to go to extremes and overwork myself. I need to learn when to stop.

6. Which celebrity has the best style according to you?

– Victoria Beckham, Gigi Hadid, Olivia Palermo to name a few.

7. What is your future plan?

– Well God has been extremely kind to me. AFH has been loved from the word Go!

I am fortunate to have such an amazing clientele all over the world. It’s been 5 fabulous years since we launched AFH and I love every bit of this journey. The plan is to keep doing what is doing 🙂 

8. Your messages for the young generation?

– the young generation is already so creative and expressive, its amazing. The only style tip I would and I always give is to try not to wear too many labels at the same time. It just makes it look like one tried too hard. You don’t want look like a walking show window of Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton etc etc. Your outfit shouldn’t scream money. It should scream effortless subtle and elegant. So try and let only one of the pieces from your ensemble stand out. 


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