Ruhani Sharma – International Supermodel & Celebrity

Tell us about yourself?

A: I am an Indian origin, based in Hong Kong for last 10 years. By qualification I am a fashion and textile designer and by profession an international fashion model. A beauty pageant winner who walks for celebrity designers at the top international fashion weeks like New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Bridal Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Asian Fashion Week in USA, Europe, UAE and Asia-Pac. 

I am the brand ambassador of ASIAN FILM ACADEMY AWARDS (Considered the OSCAR of Asia) and also the brand face of an international jewelry brand from Singapore. 

I own a fashion consultancy named “Make Me A Star” that helps people with a complete make over. I work with charitable organizations and institutions. I am a self-possessed professional. 

I have always been highly individualistic, self-assured and fearless achiever who carved her own separate path and achieved stardom on her own terms with all her dignity. I never followed any path or any particular norm rather, I chose to take the road less traveled and maybe that’s made all the difference. I am a good mix of humbleness and arrogance. From diamonds to decisions I have taken them all by myself to create the world of my own dreams.

My hobbies are traveling, modelling, cruising, hiking, sports, sketching, music etc. I love to travel and Europe fascinates me. I am very spoilt and want my travel to be smooth and peaceful. I don’t like to rough it out and I certainly do not fancy the idea of backpacking. I make a dash for the beaches or the mountains. I love to socialize but spending time with friends and family is what I enjoy the most. I take life on my own terms and live it like a Queen. 

Why are you interested in this modeling career?

A: This is what I was made for. It truly gives me a high. Dressing up exquisitely and walking down the ramp or the red carpet like a QUEEN and shining like a STAR in front of hundred cameras, is the most exciting thing about being a model. 

Wearing the best of outfits and Cinderella shoes, dressing up like a princess, wearing a head gear, flaunting heavy jewels and walk as if three men were walking behind me is living a fairytale. In addition, being a fashion n textiles designer, my knowledge helped me understand fashion to enhance my personality. I was born to shine.

What are your goals as a model?

A: My personal goal is to inspire every girl out there who dreams of conquering the world, who dreams of standing up on her own feet, who dares to see herself up there on the world stage, who dares to concoct a dream canvas larger than life itself. I want people to look back and say – “Boy! She inspired us to dream big and achieve it”.

I always wanted to be famous, wanted to do something that others would follow and imitate. Being a supermodel and celebrity I have achieved that. It feels truly extra ordinary when you become a role model and affect and impact many lives and inspire them to believe in their dreams.

I want to lead by an example as a woman of substance and to teach other women that being a lady is an attitude and we must respect and celebrate womanhood. Be an ultimate symbol of women empowerment. Learn to live not just to exist. Be unafraid to live your life on your own terms. Don’t die ordinary, do something remarkable and make your life an inspiration.

How do you see yourself progressing in this field?

A: Sky is my limit and I reach out to the stars. I plan to continue being on the zenith, spread my brand name and achieve newer heights in world of international fashion, ramp and print media and Asian film academy. 

How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly?

A: I live a glamorous life but beyond all the glam and gloss remains a person realistic and grounded. I meet a lot of people during the day. Some of them I may never meet again but I make it a point to leave an impression on them so that they remember me as they visioned me. I always reciprocate and value the love and respect people shower upon me.

I am not someone who is very active on social media but every single message that comes I read. I only post things on face book that inspire me and I want my followers to see those. I use social media to connect with people, not for them to give me 1000 likes or increase the number of my followers.

I am extremely patient but I do not appreciate waste of time. 

I am very friendly with those who are known but take my own time with new faces.

Tell us your feelings when you hold the title of Ms. India?

A: Honestly, it feels like a QUEEN who has conquered the world. It’s a feeling of POWER and PRIDE winning on the global map. It’s something that I carry in my heart by bringing the glory to my country, to my family with every single achievement. It’s something that makes me feel extremely proud of my own self as an Indian and as a woman. 

Do you have any limitations?

A: I am culturally driven hence my limitations are only based on the aesthetics. Other than that, I have no inhibitions when it comes to my professional life.  


Would you like to do modeling in any kind of clothing?

A: Yes, as far as its appropriate and aesthetically pleasing, I am absolutely fine with any kind of clothing.

Who is your role model in this field?

A: No one. Coz the only way to stand out is to be Unique. I have never followed any footsteps nor I have imagined myself being someone. I am more like a girl who believed in being the inspiration to others. In fact, I dared to be different, I set my own pattern and followed my own stars. I never followed any path or any particular norm rather, I chose to take the road less traveled and maybe that’s made all the difference. So, be different, have your own identity, don’t be a copy, be the original you and let people remember you as a trend setter.

What are your future plans?

A: You know when you have achieved the ultimate dream of yours, get everything you wanted, all the name, fame, success in just a matter of few years, you get little lost as to what you really want after that.

From 2014-2017 my life completely changed from ordinary to extra ordinary. I won the crown, received prestigious awards and walked the top fashion weeks around the world which was the ultimate I could look forward to.

But yes I am going to work on aspiring model who need help, I am there for them. I want to share my thoughts and views as a speaker in schools and institutes where I feel my presence and experience can add the most value. I feel that’s where we can impact many lives and help them believe in themselves and their dreams.I see myself as a very successful entrepreneur.

Being the Asian Film Awards brand ambassador and the brand face of an international jewelry brand I see myself occupied with lots of events and commitments. I wish to get involve in charity and art of living inspiring people to dream big and follow them without others choosing the path for them.  

I want to do something for myself too, travel with my family, spend more time with those I couldn’t due to work commitments. I want to be a content person no matter what I do.

Any message for your fans?

A: Hello beautiful people, it’s truly been an overwhelming experience having you by my side through my dream come true journey.

You all are very close to my heart and your love and respect means a lot to me.

Each and every one of you have been amazing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the unconditional love and support. Thank you for touching my life in many ways and celebrating my every single achievement and victory with so much love. I am blown away by your love, admiration and support. You are the people who “Make Me A Star”.

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