Talented Yoga Instructor – Kehkashan Nadeem

Kehkashan Nadeem is the pioneer of Aerial yoga in Pakistan; she did her teacher training from Ulu Yoga Thailand. Pakistan In vogue got privileged to get her exclusive interview for the magazine.

Tell us something about yourself ?

I am Kehkashan Nadeem; I have been sharing my knowledge and effectively changing lives for the past 16 years. My passion is to help others through teaching yoga.


What are different types of yoga you teach and train your students ?

My teaching includes motivational speaking of Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Yoga, Aerial Yoga and modern style Vinyasa Flow, which are the most popular and health pro styles of practiced around the world.


What is aerial yoga?

It is basically a new form of yoga with support of a swing, hammock or silk cloth in order to achieve your body balance, strength and ultimate flow of energy.


How long have you been teaching aerial yoga?

I have been teaching Aerial in Pakistan for a year now.


According to you what are the benefits of aerial yoga?

Aerial Yoga has a list of benefits; spinal decompression, pain relief, flexibility, stress relieving that helps to boost energy and building strength.


What are your plans?

I’m very happy that people love and get amazing benefits from aerial, next I would want to introduce aerial Hammock training which is the next level, as I have already done my level 2 teacher training lately in Bali, Indonesia.

Where are you giving Aerial Yoga Classes?

Right now I am giving my Aerial Yoga classes at MuvBase, Khayaban e Shahbaz, DHA, Karachi.



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