7 Most Expensive Celebrity Outfits of All Times

For centuries, celebrities and fashion have gone side by side. Many celebrities have been known for their wonderful fashion sense and how lavishly they have spent their money on it. Some celebrities have never cared about how expensive their shopping bills are, and all they cared about is how gorgeous their coming look is. For them, it is just another day, but for others, it is a new inspiration or a rising trend. Let’s have a look at 7 of the most expensive celebrity dresses that have made headlines in their part of the time:

  1. Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar Dress:

In 2015’s Oscar Awards, Nyong’o looked ravishing in her white Calvin Klein gown which was worth $150,000. It had around 6000 precious pearls and was stitched to perfection. She paired this gorgeous dress with intricate diamond earrings and other precious accessories.


  1. Princess Diana’s Cannes Film Festival Gown:

Late Princess Diana who is always remembered for her beauty and down-to-the-earth nature is one of the most influential fashion figures around the world. She wore an extravagant Catherine Walker silk and chiffon shoulder-less gown at three different places, once during a photography session, once at an Opera premiere and once at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997. This dress was later auctioned for $137,000.


  1. Elizabeth Taylor’s Blue Oscar Dress:

Elizabeth Taylor, who is known as the timeless beauty, is always known for her unforgettable style statements. In 1970, Taylor wore a blue chiffon flared gown at the Oscars. This same dress was later sold in an auction with an estimated amount of $167,500.


  1. Beyonce’s Priceless 2016 Met Gala Dress:

Our fashion police are always seen praising this amazing beauty. Beyonce who is known for her soulful voice is also appreciated for her unique fashion sense. Last year at the Met Gala, Beyonce wore a pink shimmery latex gown loaded with pearls. The exact price of the dress is unknown but the way she was dressed, she looked like a million dollar babe.


  1. Paris Hilton’s Unforgettable Hollywood Beauty Awards Gown:

Paris Hilton, who is one of the favorites of all the paparazzi around the world, is known for her hefty shopping habit. She was recently seen at the Hollywood Beauty Awards wearing a $270,000 worth blue shimmery August Getty gown. This gorgeous dress is studded with 500,000 precious Swarovski crystals that made this dress priceless.

  1. Amal Clooney’s Extravagant Wedding dress:

The celebrity wife Amal Clooney who is known for her bold UN speeches is not far behind in sending amazing fashion vibes. Her wedding dress was designed by Oscar de la Renta and was worth $380,000, and of course, it was gifted by her husband George Clooney who is one of the renowned Hollywood actors.


  1. Kate Middleton’s Laced Wedding Dress:

The Duchess of Cambridge always looks gorgeous in whatever she wears, but the day she got married, she simply wowed in her $400,000 wedding dress. The Royal wedding is incomplete without lavishness, and so her dress proved how much effort the designer has put to create this masterpiece. Sarah Burton designed this elegant train wedding dress.



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