LA MOON International Fashion Week / Turkey- Istanbul

LA MOON International Fashion Week / Turkey- Istanbul owner Hilal Özdemir and B&20 Events / Italy-owned by Paolo Distaso, the owner of Milan, in an unforgettable place on February 24, 2019 in Milan, Italy. Hilal Özdemir (Founder-Owner / Fashion Designer and Consultant) and B&20 Events In the middle of Milan Fashion Week at Circolo Filologico, it was an incredible energy for the second edition of City Fashion. LA MOON International Fashion Week and B&20 Events have universally covered a wide range of industries worldwide in an extraordinary climate and a mix of diverse societies, art, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle and a renewed relationship of renewed change. LA MOON is an extraordinary stage inspired by Turkish culture and expects more people who are curious about fashion styles and trends, instructing new designers and having tons of fun.

The 1st edition of LA MOON International Fashion Week took place on September 3 in Istanbul-Grandpera. New designers from different generations and scales exhibited their collections in September 2018 at the legendary Grandpera, a special place in Istanbul, and brought together many fashion lovers from different cultures.

With a journey from art to the LA MOON International Fashion Week and B&20 Activities, he exhibited stylish custom design collections from different designers who could showcase new experiences and brand introductions that could cope with the most critical designs and trends.

Fashion Week Unique, traditional, local and world fashion, bringing together different cultures, fashion and fashion combining international art events that combine fashion. An adventure of art expertise blended with style, fashion and extraordinary artwork art, has been exhibited to the art-lovers with their exceptional promotions.

We saw wonderful silhouettes of bright cuts, some tapered skirts, some bright cuts of two parts. outside the pants suits, some fashion cocktail clothing and some amazing, innovative and box designs. We would like to thank all the art designers who are interested and participating.

The event was exhibited on the occasion of Walter Longo di Lombardia web television. In any case, we also have numerous champions from various classes. How about seeing winners?

For 40 years we have Alberto Fortis, a lyrical winner. Gabriella Chiarappa, executive director of the museum Le Salon, la Mode: and the remote room of the stylist CC-ICRD.

The president of Chaine Francigena Toscana and the executive director of the CC-ICRD Foreign Office, Lawyer Giovanna Elettra, gave the award to Livreri. There were many emotional arrangements that found the right size of cooperation between art, fashion, music and food. we witnessed. Founded by Incanti d’Arte, the contemporary works, a sense of opening and re-occupation.

The show shows great plans of different nationalities. the creators were energized and happy to be part of the Event and were very excited to show their designers. We would like to thank all the interested and participating designers. The coordinator of the night: “I am extremely happy to do this organization that offers both promotional and sales opportunities for organizations supported by the chief of Patrizia Gaeta,” he said. Therefore, there were different joint efforts for these game plans, where different national and worldwide items challenged each other, where they put forward an energetic social impact on the use of creative strategies in play and science.

The fashion industry, offering new thoughts and ideas and fashion show. Attending brands Asmoni, Vanilla Style, MollyBracken, Molly Bracken, Mad, Malarart. It was the main planners and brands of the event.

In addition, Italian brands added color to our event. In our exhibition area, our painters presented works of art to art lovers. and they were all presented to the viewer. There were also special art design artists.

Among the existing guests remember the entire team working behind it, it could not be possible without them, and the Consulates, Foreign Trade Chambers, Journalists, Bloggers, Magazine TV etc.

last but not least, we thank you for our news in Pakistan, our official media partner.

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