KEF – One of the Outstanding Food Festivals Happening in Pakistan

Karachi Eat Festival (KEF), the most awaiting event from the beginning of New Year grabbed immense attention and appreciation just in three days. Me being a true foodie, I always had the intention to attend this amazing one of a kind food festival along with a bunch of my very own homies. You can say it was one of my New Year’s resolutions to go to this festival and have some scrumptious food raid along with friendly enjoyment.

Well, I was not able to understand where to begin, as it was something huge this time. So let’s start and wait for some enormous food portfolios coming your way from this season of Karachi Eat Festival. The Day 1 of KEF began dreaming about food and drinks on our way to the venue. This time, the management chose a rather bigger place as compared to the one last year. The current KEF location was Benazir Bhutto Park which was rather at one corner of the city, but that was not an excuse. While reaching there, we saw an overwhelming response from the crowd coming from all over Karachi who was in love with this festival from the very first day.

The place to enter the venue was quite congested and fully occupied. A long queue was awaiting us and we being true to our goals didn’t back out and went straight to be the part of the huge crowd. The ticket booth was only accepting female customers, as they were the ones allowed to buy tickets. The tickets were worth Rs. 300 and only for families, no stags allowed. After spending some time in the queues, we went inside to the food haven to get some instant food coma. The place looked huge, well-organized with maximum famous eateries from around the city that were truly at your service.

The real dilemma started where to go and what to eat first. So looking here and there we started off with delightful Aloo Samosas from the “Awesamosas” who were offering three big samosas for Rs. 250 with their special mint sauce. After having samosas, we made our way to “Yaki” with their Pan Asian cuisine that was something new for me. Toggling and tasting something new and old, we wanted to try some desi and went for “Desi Galli’s” Bun Kababs, Fresh Juices and mouth-watering Chats. After some delicious food, we thought to have a break and had an amazing meetha pan from the “Panwaari”. Well, the pan was on the expensive side but was worth a try.

After a few minute, the hunt for food started again, and we ended up eating Chapli Kababs by the “Malang Café”. Wow, that is too much of food in one day, but it is just like having small portions of food. One of the best things to try out at KEF is the Pizza Waffles from the “67 East” restaurant along with the Donald Trump drink.

The Pizza Waffles were amazing and so was the drink, highly recommended. We then gave a try to the spicy Pani Puri from “Bombay Chowpatty which was a good try. After going through different eateries, we again thought of having a break and relaxed with a cup of tea from the “Chai Wala”. The chai was strong and rich with a touch of

cardamom and saffron. One of my friends wanted to try some sandwiches from the “Smoke House,” and there she went to grab some for herself and some for us, they were no doubt good. After quite a lot hustle and bustle among the Karachites and food stalls, the day ended with some sweet-treat from “Brew Factory” and “HeyDay”, Chocolate Waffles and Belgian Chocolate ice-cream on a crisp cone with your favorite topping.

Karachi Eat Festival brought an amazing memory to my life with some delicious food, amazing food and cheering crowd. This festival is on my wish list now, and I will always be looking forward attending KEF or any other food festival with such enthusiasm in Karachi. No doubt, KEF was a must go place of this season to cheer, eat and enjoy.

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