The viral Pakistani cricket fan with a sad face


Meet Mohammad Sarim Akhtar- the viral Pakistani cricket fan with a sad face

Pakistan’s performance in the current World Cup has been just average. Perhaps below average at times, with our experienced players playing like newbies. In the recent Pakistan Vs Australia match, the best thing people got out was perhaps the sad Pakistani cricket fan, who looked absolutely disappointed after Asif Ali dropped an easy catch.

Named, Mohammad Sarim Akhtar, the fan’s disappointed reaction went viral like a flame on social media, with hundreds of meme appearing with his one reaction.

Check them out for yourself

As funny as it might look, Mohammad Sarim Akhtar’s reaction mirrored our own, right there trying to control anger and disappointment, all the while hoping the team might just buckle up and deliver a miracle.

In actuality, Mohammad Sarim Akhtar is an avid cricket fan, who was genuinely let down, after having travelled 3 hrs specially to watch his team play. Recently shifted to UK, from Qatar, Mohammad Sarim Akhtar found his internet fame moment when his heart decided to depict his true emotions on his face, because truly speaking, nobody could control reacting to whatever was happening in the fields, especially when team Pakistan, just decided to give it all up.

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