Rafay Rashdi

Rafay Rashdi is a patriotic Pakistani who would like to give his best to his motherland. He is a filmmaker, writer, producer, politician, musician and managing partner of Moomal Entertainment. Undoubtly he is jack of all trades. Our team had the privilege of having an interesting conversation.


Tell us something about yourself?

Just an ordinary boy, like everyone else trying to make a difference somehow by contributing, through life experiences.

How did you get in to this industry?

My mother Mahtab Akbar Rashdi, has played a vital role for the Pakistani Media Industry, she was my inspiration, and I followed in her footsteps. But the prime focus was completing my education first. Moving on I then got the opportunity to contest for General Elections for MPA twice from Larkana with guidance from my father Syed Akbar Rashdi. Politics also has massive exposure in the ever-growing media, so had the chance to deal with the news world. Pursued corporate experience as an IT consultant with IBM, but always had my inclination towards film making and production so decided to launch my own company 1NFLUENCE (www.1NFLUENCE.us) . I would also like to mention that, nothing would’ve been possible without the support of my God Mother Sultana Siddiqui, whose trust and faith in my developing skills, motivated me to perform at my best. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been where I am today.

What motivated you to become a producer?

I’ve had a passion for media production ever since I was a child. Over the years the impatience grew, and post my Masters education I decided to produce. First it was music production, then eventually started my own company 1NFLUENCE, and made short films, documentaries, and eventually launched my feature film. Currently the partnership with Moomal Entertainment fits quite well.

How was your overall experience of the first movie?

It was a great experience. I have learnt a lot from it. I emerged as a film maker. The critics fraternity provided an accurate and relevant feedback, which help me grew as a potential writer and director. The talent I launched are performing in high hitting shows on television. Bilal Abbas is making quite the mark, so is Ramsha Khan. The core focus of the film dealt with youth issues, drug addiction, and suppression of women in today’s society. I got to meet a lot of technically sound people post the film, who gave me constructive feedback, which has proven fruitful for my venture on my next film. Above all my film wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t without the unprecedented support of my parents Syed Akbar Rashdi and Mahtab Akbar Rashdi, and president HUM NETWORK Sultana Siddiqui.

What are the qualities of good films?

A good film should have good content, good dialogues and screenplay. It should be complete “Paisa Vasool” entertainment package for the masses.

What are the challenges you face being a producer?

There are numerous challenges; from principal photography, location scouting, weather issues, managing artist dates. But one has to find a way to manage and execute. All problems can be solved if dealt with timely with precision and patience.

What would be your dream project?

To work alongside a Hollywood producer and direct.

What do you want to change about Pakistani media industry?

I guess we should encourage each other’s effort. Work in a team building environment. Support the media industry. Give new talent a chance, and have a merit based system, and focus on strengthening our media study institutions, for new opportunities to grow.

What are the projects you are working on?

I have my FILM NO.2 in the pipeline. Currently producing nine projects for channels which include HUM TV, A Plus,Urdu1.

What else do you do when you’re not doing these directions etc?

It is very difficult to do anything else after such a hectic routine; however I spend time with my family and kids, which gives the ultimate relief, after a hard day’s work. I watch lots of TV shows and films, and read a lot on film technology to keep myself updated on upcoming trends in our fast paced evolving film market. I also follow international politics, as it is in my blood.


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